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Tax Services

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Businesses and Individuals

Do you have questions about taxes aspects in the Canries and Spain?

We will study your case and will find the alternative options you and your business have while under the Spanih and Canarian Laws. This way you will enjoy big time savings and tax compliance at the same time.

We will evaluate the incentives you may benefit from (be it from the gobernment or be it from a reduced tax situation) so you can start off with the right foot.

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Accounting Services

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... for less than you think


We will take care of your accounting. Just bring or send us your papers and we will account everything under the spanish laws. We will present all the accounts and papers while keeping and maintaing all the mandatory books and records.

You don´t need to worry about not complying with local laws and the possibility of penalties any more.

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Merchant Consulting

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Tax and Registry Services


All businesses and individuals in Spain need to register all itheir activities with the local authorities. We will give you advice and do all the paperwork neccessary for you.

Registering property sales or purchases, registering names, registering accounting books, setting up a business...etc. We are there for you.

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 Professional Services for Busnisses, Autonomos amd Companies: Taxes, Accounting, Business Procedures..

 At ARGÜESO Y DONIS, S.L. we offer our customers a complete range of professional consultancy services bound to the normal development of trade activities, both by Corporations and Individuals.

Because doing business in Spain and the Canary Islands require some knowledge of the laws, requirements and procedures we are there to help you and to take care of these needs.


We are a bureau of accountants specialists in spanish and canaries taxes in arrecife Lanzarote. We offer different services and advice for business, companies and "autonomos" such as accounting, business legal procedures, and bureaucratic procedures in lanzarote. We can help you with your taxes and Financial questions..

MANAGEMENT OF ELECTRONIC NOTIFICATIONS (Tráffic (DGT), Social Security, and Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria) )

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